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#0139: A Chld Called "It," by Dave Pelzer

A Child Called "It"
by Dave Pelzer

p.311-312 There are organizations that play a priceless role for "youth at risk" in our communities, such as the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, better known as the Jaycees: The main purpose of the Jaycees, who are volunteers, is the service of humanity. For instance, every year the state of Nebraska raises several thousand dollars for its Aid to Foster Children program. During the Christmas season, Jaycees chapters from across the nation donate Christmas trees to children who have never seen, let alone smelled a Douglas Fir. Jaycees invade stores with hundreds of children in tow—children who have never shopped for toys for themselves. These children never crave such niceties such as Game Boy or Nike Air Jordan shoes. Instead, these children wish for clothes that are a size too big; so as to get more wear out of them.

Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay
by Nancy Milford

p.xiii My candle burns at both ends;
     It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--
     It gives a lovely light!
p.38 Her diary was not only her duty, it was also her "confidante, (that e on the end makes it feminine. It would be out of my power to tell all these things to a mereconfidant)."

p.41 Dearest, when you go away
     My heart will go, too,
Will be with you all the day,
     All the night with you.
Where you are through lonely years,
     There my heart will be.
I will guide you past all fears
And bring you back to me.

p.54 My life is but a seeking after life;
I live but in a great desire to live;
The undercurrent of my every thought:--
To seek you, find you, have you for my own
Who are my purpose and my destiny.
For me, the things that are do not exist;
The things that are for me are yet to be...

p.56 I want not to be comforted, but to comfort;--to hold your head on my lap, and love you, and fuss with your hair, and cry over you; not stormily, not hysterically, but tenderly; and quietly, lest you see and be grieved. I want to find things for you, to pick up things after you, to straighten your tie and brush your coat, to fill your pipe--all the little things so many women have done and that I long to do.

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Searching for Dragons
by Patricia C. Wrede

"Blast you six ways from next Wednesday!... May you and your pet dragon and your triple-cursed wash water turn purple with orange spots and fall down a bottomless pit!"

Book of Enchantments
by Patricia C. Wrede

p.2-3 The wizard decided to call on the gods and offer his daughter in marriage to whichever one would promise to make him so rich and so famous that he would never be forgotten as long as people lived around the Sea of Luck. "For," he thought, "not only will I be as rich and famous as anyone could desire, I will also get my Ryvenna a husband worthy of her beauty."
   The wizard made his preparations and cast his spells. He worked for a week to get everything right. But the gods were angry at him, because he had never asked his daughter whether she agreed to his plan.
   "Bad enough that he presumes we'd want her," grumbled Welenen the Rain-Bringer. "But giving the girl away without telling her? He acts as if she were a pet dog or a camel!" The other gods agreed.

p.112 "Approve? My lord, I am a mercenary. I approve when I am paid."

p.182 "A lifetime can be two days long; it needs only a birth at the beginning and a death at the end."

p.206 "The young man is currently standing in the hallway, dripping on the handmade silk rug that the Emperor of the Indies presented to His Majesty's grandmother. He is insisting on speaking with His Majesty."
   "It's a very ugly rug," Mendanbar said. "That's why we put it in the entry hall."

NAMES: Shonasai, Tamriff, Welenen, Hervan, Cyndal, Chathalla, Sympas, Saraset, Kerr Hollaran, Auridan

#0135: Bat 6, by Virginia Euwer Wolff

Bat 6
by Virginia Euwer Wolff

p.49-50 It was in friendliness we pitched in to help Shazam. Brita Marie even took her to the Gospel Church on e time and you should have seen her not knowing when to stand up and sit down and she asked how come we say Amen, what does it mean, and all of us Christian girls not a single one amongst us could tell her what Amen is for.

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The Dragonvarld Trilogy, Book Two: The Dragon’s Son
by Margaret Weis

p.31 People were in a good mood at the start of the faire. Merchants anticipated fat profits. The common folk anticipated some fun to brighten their drab lives. The nobility anticipated intrigue, shopping, and gossip. And so, while there was much confusion during the setup of booths and tents, jostling and collisions were taken in good humor. Strangers pitched in to help when a wheel fell off a wagon. The traveling actors, busy erecting a stage at one end of the field, enlivened the work with the music of tambour and drum.
     The mood would change by faire’s end. Exhaustion, disappointment, pickpockets, and hangovers would take their toll on the fairegoer’s good nature. But for now, every man was every other man’s brother. The merriment was contagious and Ven felt himself swept up in the excitement and gaiety.

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#0133: Candide, by Voltaire

by Voltaire

p.19 On her way back to the castle she met Candide. She blushed, and so did he. She greeted him in a faltering voice, and he spoke to her without knowing what he was saying. The next day, as they were leaving the table after dinner, Cunegonde and Candide found themselves behind a screen. She dropped her handkerchief, he picked it up; she innocently took his hand, and he innocently kissed hers with extraordinary animation, ardor, and grace; their lips met, their eyes flashed, their knees trembled, their hands wandered. Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh happened to pass by the screen; seeing this cause and effect, he drove Candide from the castle with various kicks in the backside. Cunegonde fainted. The baroness slapped her as soon as she revived, and consternation reigned in the most beautiful and agreeable of all possible castles.

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Ordinary Miracles
by Stephanie Tolan

p.34 "But for now, let us begin as we always do, with the Lord's Prayer. After that, we'll sing number two thirty-four in your hymnals, 'Washed in the Blood of the Lamb.'"

p.74 "Possess your soul in patience!"

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#0131: Slave Day, by Rob Thomas

Slave Day
by Rob Thomas

p.11 Tommy
     "GED." As in "Let me sleep in, I'll get my..."
     The light comes on. I can tell by the glow around the edge of the pillowcase, then I feel the covers start slipping down my back.
     "Diploma," she screeches. As in "Your lazy ass is gonna earn a..."

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The Hundred Secret Senses
by Amy Tan

p.31 "Nunumu -- the nu that means "girl," and the numu that means "a stare as fierce as a dagger." Nunumu, Girl with the Dagger Eye.

p.48 We used to sit in the courtyard and I would teach her the names of things, as if she were a small child. And just like a small child, she learned eagerly, quickly. Her mind wasn't rusted shut to new ideas. She wasn't like the Jesus Worshippers, whose tongues were creaky old wheels following the same grooves.

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#0129: Born Burning, by Thomas Sullivan

Born Burning
by Thomas Sullivan

p.33 But the phone calls were worse. No windows to stare out, no plants to pretend to fuss with, just ungodly silences while each clung self-consciously to a telephone receiver, like a handshake suspended, like an idiot grin through soundproof glass.

p.98 "just that note of oscillation which police everywhere recognize as barely controlled hysteria"

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